I am a musician from Croatia, currently living in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and soon moving to Netherlands to complete my master's studies! I am ve...

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I have been playing cello from an early age and my passion for music and art in general grew mostly thanks to my education and all the wonderful professors I have encountered so far. 

Last year I finished my master's studies at the Academy of Music in Sarajevo. It has been a wonderful five years with so many professional opportunities which included my participation in diverse artistic projects such as Sarajevo Sonic Studio, Sarajevo Chamber Music Festival or Ricciotti Ensemble. 

My musical practice has been mostly focused on performing pieces of classical music but in recent years, my interest for expanding my performance skills reached outside of the classical frame.

Following my affection for interdisciplinary artistic expression, I have decided to apply for another master's program in Netherlands called New Audiences and Innovative Practice. And I have been accepted!

This is a wonderful and valuable opportunity for me in so many ways among which I want to emphasize working in cosmopolitan art discourse that would enable me to find possibilities for new ways of thinking about art because I feel this is a necessity of our artistic reality. 

 The money I am trying to collect here from all the generous people who feel enthusiastic about helping me achieve my dreams will be used for paying my first year study fees that are 2006€ total. I have added the percentage that will go to StudentBackr who are enabling me to launch a project. 

Thank you all!

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