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I am passionate and highly enthusastic about natural health and wellbeing, its my hobby of 15 years and I will make a successful business from it too. I ...

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I have been Studying, Researching and Experimenting Health and Wellbeing since 2004. My passion is health and well-being. My dream is to run my own health and well-being retreat centre to help others to journey into well-being to be their best, feel great and live well. I started the journey by studying Anatomy & Physiology and qualifying as a massage therapist, since then it has naturally grown and my portfolio of knowledge, qualifications, experience and expertise has continued each and every day. It has become part of my every-day life, and a subject that I am pure and passionate about. The reviews on link below detail just some of my happy clients who have also experienced positive changes: http://restoretruebalance.com/home-page/customer-reviews.

My journey into wellbeing was triggered by a car accident in 1999 and has required strength, a positive attitude, determination, belief and faith, to help bring my body back to a homeopathic state. The phenomenal changes that have occurred in every cell within my body system, and the experiences that have come with it, creating not only positive self growth but self awareness and peace. Thus helping me become a better Practitioner. Through a journey of numerous healthcare professionals, doctors, consultants, complementary practitioners herbalists, nutritionists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, functional medicine, blood analysis therapy, a number of bodywork therapists, I found NES. A system that sees beyond your symptoms. It sees the information the body needs to heal. You can see the distortions in information and clear the energy blockages that are manifesting illness and disease, by using the miHealth and Infoceuticals. What if you could go straight to the source of your health symptoms? Well, now you can. 

A Stunning NEW Scientific Approach that’s Restoring Energy and Health to Thousands of People … when Nothing Else seems to be Working! Backed by over 30 years of scientific research. I am now studying to qualify as a NES Bio-Energetic Consultant. I believe in this science and have experienced the benefits from using it myself. I will then be able to offer what I believe is a unique complete 360 wellbeing programme for individuals to feel great.

The online academic course provides a comprehensive introduction to the NES Health Total WellNES System (TWS), and includes discourse on the principles, science, theory and research behind the workings of the body-field and NES Health’s revolutionary approach to health and well-being. Features of the online course include: 

  •  Clinical coaching with an experienced NES Health certified practitioner to answer questions and provide expert guidance throughout the training process. 
  • Grading and course submission feedback by a highly-qualified medical professional and expert in bioenergetic healthcare. 
  • Rich clinical focus for performing and analyzing ProVision scans, and formulating Infoceutical and miHealth protocols. 

The four-day class is an immersion into hands-on, experiential practice that enhances knowledge of both foundational and advanced concepts, and provides an enrichin

g environment for honing skills, building confidence, and exchanging information and ideas with peers. This state of the art course is designed to give practitioners an excellent online academic and clinical startup process, providing foundational knowledge and coaching, prior to the integrated and required classroom practicum training experience. The certification process provides coaching, completion incentives, and additional academic and clinical assessments for those practitioners wanting a deeper understanding and experience as a professional. For more information about the study visit http://www.neshealth.com/training/ 

Please help me achieve this milestone. 

For more information about NES please visit http://www.neshealth.com/about-us/

Love and Warm Wishes Tamara x

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