Joshua Harrison

22 years old, degree in English, want to do MA in Newspaper Journalism at Nottingham Trent University...

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Help me raise £5,510 to become a journalist with a NCTJ accredited MA at Nottingham Stoke University.

Hello, my name is Josh Harrison, I'm a 22 year old English graduate and I'm looking to raise the course fees for a one year masters in Newspaper Journalism at Nottingham Stoke University.  If you know me, you know I'm hard working, conscientious and will stop at nothing to reach my goals. Whilst studying for my degree in English at Leicester, I discovered my true calling: journalism. During my course, I helped to set up our department's new newsletter, to which I was a regular contributor, and worked on various online projects. Throughout my time since I have made regular contributions to the local press. However, I want to get started seriously and I feel that by doing an MA, I will get a real taste for the profession and experience in the whole field of newspaper journalism. The course includes a lot of hands-on work and an actual work placement that will give me the opportunity to gain invaluable first-hand experience, whilst getting to grips with concepts such as media law and awareness of the journalist's role in society. With it's practical focus and introduction to subbing, this course will enable me to get a foot on the ladder in my dream profession, opening doors to bigger and brighter projects for the future.

Despite working hard at my part-time job, I cannot hope to save enough for the course fee, materials and living expenses, especially after my English degree has left a huge hole in my finances. The sooner I can get on this course, the sooner I can get to work and become a fully fledged journalist, with my commitment and dedication I know I will be successful. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Help me to raise the course fees and I reckon I will be able to work part time to pay for the rest over the course of the year. Please note this is a very popular course and I need to get my start date guaranteed as soon as possible, so club together, give what you can and help me to make it.

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