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Hello everyone my name is Arthur Baratte and i'm French, I'm currently studying Material Science at the Technological University Institute of Chalon sur Saone in France. At the end of the year I'm supposed to do an internship. I recently received a positive answer from a company in Mauritius for an unpaid internship. Next year I'm intending to enter an Engineering school, and doing a material science internship in an English speaking country would be an advantage in my application. That's why I choose to go there, as you may know the plane tickets are expensive and I'm hoping to raise 1500 euros to cover a part of my flights, my visa and my settling expenses.

My Dream is that one day I can be involved in the discovery of a new material, to achieve this dream I need your help, this internship will help me develop my knowledge, my English speaking skills and help me to attend an engineering school next year. I need you to help me build my future, achieve something to be proud of. I hope I've been able to reach your heart.

As we say in France merci du fond du cœur pour votre générosité

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