18 years old, going to study nursing at Birmingham university, want to specialise in mental health...

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Hi, I'm Suzy Davidson and I'm looking to raise £2,000.00 to start my nursing degree at Birmingham University.
Lots of you have offered to help out, so here's your chance to help me on my way. My first year will be focusing on more general aspects and I will study biological, psychological and social sciences. In my second and third year, I will be able to choose what I want to specialize in.

Even before being accepted to the course, I knew that I would like to work in the mental health domain, a field where much remains to explore: contrary to what many people think, brain and behavior disorders are quite common, but they are still difficult to diagnose and treat. At the end of my second year, I will have the chance to experience nursing in a foreign country and in my third and final year I will be out in placement to put everything I have studied into practice in the real world! I cannot wait to get started.

I'm looking to raise £2,000.00 to help me kickstart my studies.

Fortunately there is a lot of help out there for nursing students, however, I want to be able to purchase the essentials, study materials, a laptop, travel tickets and to reserve my room, all of which I'll need to do before I officially start my studies.
This extra money will help ease the transition into student life and help to allay some of my worries, allowing me to concentrate on getting ready for the biggest step I've taken in my life. Please pass this on and help me to receive as many donations as possible.

Thank you all.
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