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So What is Crowdfunding?

It’s essentially a large group of people contributing a small amount of money to a common cause. In StudentBackr’s case, this results in a monetary accumulation towards funding a student’s educational goals.

How does a campaign work?

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Create your Student Crowdfunding campaign

  1. Tell your story.
  2. Set your own goals.
  3. Offer cool rewards.
  4. Make a video.
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45 days to Promote & Crowdfund yout project

  1. Build your contact list
  2. Share via email and social networks
  3. Send updates to your community
  4. Spread the word out there!




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Gather your donations & Send your Rewards

  1. Keep all the money raised.
  2. Thank your backers.
  3. Send your rewards.
  4. Enjoy!


Just for students


Platform + Bank fees included

No aditional costs or hidden fees

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and other debit/credit cards accepted


Visit our terms and conditions page for more info

Starting off your project

Want to get your project off to a great start? Utilize these 5 tools to create the perfect project!

  1. What's Your Story?

    Your story defines your campaign and differentiates it from all the other projects. Your projects story is defined in 3 ways: Your campaign description, your video, and the updates you provide to backers throughout the campaign. Learn more about these 3 pillars of success and how to apply them to your project on the What's Your Story? page.

  2. Reward Ideas

    A core value of crowdfunding is the mutual reciprocity between the campaign and your backers. Knowing simple things such as setting your rewards in sequential order, creating 7 reward options and identifying which reward amounts warrant the most traffic will help you maximize your rewards. Discover and structure your reward ideas here!

  3. Budget and Timeline

    Choosing a pragmatic goal is crucial to not just your campaign, but to you actually funding your studies. Most campaigns receive a high amount of donations in the first 3 days followed by a plateau and then a surge of donations at the end. Setting your timeline between 30-45 days will allow you to capitalize on this momentum while still maximizing your project's potential.

  4. Make A Campaign Video

    Your video is your window to the world. It’s the first impression your Backers will get of your project. There is no doubt about the effectiveness of videos in crowdfunding. Projects with a video are up to 20% more likely to succeed than those without one. Read our step by step instructions on how to make a quick, simple and effective video here.

  5. Campaign Description

    Choose a unique and creative description to attract the attention of your Backers. You’ll be surprised by how many people overlook this simple task. Avoid making this mistake by learning how to write a catchy description at our Campaign Description Page. Lastly, make sure to address the 5 most important questions: who, what, when, why and how.

  6. Start Your Project

    Ready to finance your studies? Click here and create your campaign!

Prepare & promote

Prepare and Promote your student crowdfunding campaign with these tools and tips.

  1. Your Network

    The only way to successfully promote your crowdfunding project is to tell people about it. Unfortunately, it’s not a case of “if we build it, they will come”. Setting up your page is only the first step. Click here and read how to efficiently get people to see your campaign page.

  2. Email Templates

    The first impression you make to your network is through emails or messages. That is why it is critical that you craft a compelling and strong message that will attract their interest. The email templates we provide will help you write universal and compelling messages.

  3. Social Media

    Social Media is a fantastic platform to use inorder to promote your campaign. Whether it’s creating an event, sharing pictures of your project or updating your network on the status of your campaign, learn all the ways to efficiently leverage your social network here.

  4. Press

    If you have a rather small network, don’t be discouraged! There are many other venues that you can explore to find backers. One great option is using the press to help spread the word. Whether it's the local newspaper or a blog, click here and learn how you can write guest blogs and articles so your project reaches more people!

  5. Posting Updates

    Keeping your backers and the public updated on your project is equally as important as all the other tools we described. Maintaining an open dialogue with your backers keeps them engaged and interested in your project. Periodically posting updates will continue to give you project momentum and activity. Learn more here!

  6. Start Your Project

    Ready to finance your studies? Click here and create your campaign!

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