About us

We are a global team of innovators, writers, engineers and artists.

Together we created StudentBackr: The first crowdfunding platform just for students.

Our first concern are the students: whatever your field or level of studies, if it’s about education use StudentBackr for your funding!

Crowdfunding is a new method of funding that is based on a call-out to the public (the “crowd”) at large. Crowdfunding can be used to support solidarity / social initiatives or projects promoting certain values. This kind of direct funding falls under what is known as social and solidarity economy.

Our main aim is to facilitate access to higher education studies by:

  • Offering Students an alternative, solidarity-based form of funding.
  • Bringing together the support of as many Backers as possible.
  • Creating a community of Students, Mentors and Backers committed to support education
  • College truly is an all encompassing experience that is a formidable part of a students’ development. With the combination of student debt being at an all-time high and the lack of available alternative financing options, we are seeing more and more students struggle to make their higher education goals a reality. With our innovative tools, experience in the education sector, and crowdfunding expertise, StudentBackr is here to help more students finance their studies!
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